Global Health and Diplomacy Spring 2016 : Page 1

SPRING 2016 Financing THE Future OF Public Health Two Devastating Diseases Should Not Have Taken Us by Surprise D R . S ETH B ERKLEY , C HIEF E XECUTIVE O FFICER , G avi A LLIANCE Creating Healthier Societies through Healthier Economies G ERHARD P RIES , M ANAGING P ARTNER AND CEO, S ARONA A SSET M ANAGEMENT A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Financing Pandemic Preparedness through Domestic Resource Mobilization D R . V ICTOR J. D ZAU , P RESIDENT OF THE I NSTITUTE OF M EDICINE , N ATIONAL A CADEMY S CIENCES P ETER S ANDS , F ORMER G ROUP C HIEF E XECUTIVE OF S TANDARD C HARTERED B ANK OF

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