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SUMMER 2014 Leading the Way for Mothers and Children Special Feature: Communicating Complexity In Public Health Saving Every Woman Every Child – Within Arms Reach Mozambique: Health Challenges, Policies and Results B Y T HE R IGHT H ONOURABLE S TEPHEN H ARPER , P RIME M INISTER OF C ANADA B Y H IS E XCELLENCY A RMANDO E MILIO G UEBUZA , P RESIDENT OF M OZAMBIQUE Financing The Future Of Health B Y D R . A RIEL P ABLOS -M ENDEZ , A SSISTANT A DMINISTRATOR FOR H EALTH , USAID D R . T IM E VANS , D IRECTOR FOR H EALTH , N UTRITION AND P OPULATION , W ORLD B ANK

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