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EdibWasa Winter 2014 : Cover2

3 squares Produce, Achiva Native Energy, Acorn Supplies, All American Grill, Allgood Provisions, Allred Orchards, Amour Spreads, Amplexo, Appenzell Farm, AppleBeer, Aspen Mills Bread , Atwood's Ranch Dressing, Auntie M's, Back Home Farm, Barbecuephoric sauce, Battle Creek BBQ & Gourmet Chuckwagon, Beehive Cheese , Beeutahfulbees, Bellarose Confections, LLC, Bennett Farms, BiU Foods, Black Bee Vanilla, Blossom Fine Foods, Blue Earth Nutrition, Blue Spring Farm, Blue Tree Cattle, Bohe-mian Brewery, Butcher's Bunches Handcrafted Preserves, Cacao Group, Cantu's Culinary Creations, Canyon Meadows Ranch, Cedar Valley Honey, Chad's Raspberry Kitchen, Chaparros Tamales, Chapul, Chas. W. Bangerter & Son, Cheese Bread Mania, Chocolate Conspiracy, Chocolate Moose on the Loose, Chocolot, Chris & Dave's, Christiansen's Family Farm, Chynna's Kitchen, Cirkels Specialty Stroopwafels, Cobia Creations, LLC, Cocobear's bakery, CocoNutz LLC, Colosimo Sausage, Commercial Food Services, Condies Foods, Copper Moose Farm, Cornaby's, Cox Brothers Farms, Cox Honeyland & Gift, Creminelli Fine Meats, Crumb Brothers Artisan Bread, Culinary Crafts, Dale T. Smith and Sons Meat Packing, Daniel's Fine Choco-lates, Dessert Bites, Dessert First by Rose, LLC, DeVerle's All Purpose Seasoning, DHA Family Farms, Dibble Farms, Direct Beef, DiVino's, Dolcetti Gelato, Dunford Bakers, Dusk, Elizabeth's Cater-ing, Fackrell Farms/Piedmont Ranches, Farmerdale Produce, Farr's Ice Cream, Fassio Egg Farms, Fernwood Candy, Finca, Fire and Slice Mobile Wood Fire Pizza, Firebirds Chile Co., Flap Jack Drizzle, Forbidden Fruit Sweet Shoppe, Fowers Fruit Ranch, G2G Bar, GF Squared, Gingerbread Cottage, Global Goods, Gold Creek Farms, Grandma Sandino's, Grandma's Signature Dips, Grandpa's Kitchen, Grizzly Bear Candy, Hallner's Home-made Breads & Pas-tries, Hansen Hives & Honey, Heber Valley Artisan Cheese, Heirlooms & More, Worden Produce, Hell's Back-Hinton Farms, Hirschi bone Grill, Pro-duce, Hive Winery, Hunsa-ker Specialty Cheese & Lazy H Idle Isle Instant Karma, Jerky, Kanaktion, J. Morgan's Island Con-fections, J.D. Jellies, 
‘”‘ ‘ơ‡‡ ‘Ǥǡ Jack Candy, Johnson Family Jensen Farms, Jones Creek Beef, Kara As you revaluate your choice of foods this year, Kiler Grove Winegrow-Chocolates, ”‡‡„‡”–‘‡„”ƒ…‡–Š‡ƒ„—†ƒ–ƪƒ˜‘”•…”‡ƒ–‡† Kneadin' Bread, Late ers, Heirlooms, Lauries Bloomin's by local farmers, food artisans, and chefs. Gourmet, Laziz, Lazy C —ơƒŽ‘ Cattle, Leath-erby's Family Creamery, Lehi Earthly Creations, Lehi Roller Mills, LG's English ‘ơ‡‡ǡ &#0f;‹„‡”–› ƒ”•ǡ &#0f;‹––Ž‡ Orchard, Little Oats, Little America, Tracker, Lo-lita's Bakery, Love 
—ƥ• Bakery , Lower Foods, Lucky Spoon Bakery, Made I n Good Taste Co-op, Manzana Springs Vegetable F a r m , McMullin Orchards, Meier's Catering, Milbury & H o d g e , Milky Hollow Farms, Millcreek Cacao Roast-ers, Millcreek Valley Farm, Miller's Honey Company, Mimi's Garden, Mineral Resources International, Inc., Miss Essies Southern BBQ , Mololo Gardens, Moochie's Meat-balls, Morgan Valley Lamb, Mrs. Cavanaugh's Candies, Murray Market Gardens, My Cutie Pies, Nature Baked, Inc, Nature Hills Farm, Nature Jim's Sprouts, Neighborhood Beekeeping, New Grains Gluten Free Bakery, Norbest, Nuvona Premium Foods, ƒ†‡ŽŽ‰‰ ƒ”•&#0c;…Ǥǡơ–Š‡&#0a;”‹†&#0f;ǡŠ
›&#0a;Ž—–‡ ”‡‡ǨǡŽ†‹‡ƒ”ƒ‡Ž•ǡ &#0f;&#0f;ǡŽ‹˜‡Ƭ‘…‘ƒǡ‘Ž‹–‡Š‡‡•‡ǡ
‘ơ‡‡ǡ Pacesetters, Pago, Paige's Salsa, Pepperlane Products, Phoenix Restaurant Group, Pleasant Creek Ranch, Plentiful Pantry Inc, Pop Art Snacks, Prairie Grain Bread, Ramos Enterprises , Red Onion Food Services, Red Snapper Sauce, Rhodes Bake-N-Serv, Richard's Roundup BBQ, Rico Products & Catering, Riley Farms, Rockhill Creamery, Rocky Mountain Pies, Rogliano's, Rokit Fuel Nutrition, Rosehill Dairy, Salsitas Mendoza, Seal ƒƒ ‘‘†•ǡŠƒ†‡”‡‡ ƒ”ǡŠ‡‹Žƒ̵•‡Ž‡…–ǡŠ‹”Ž‡›&#0d;ǡ‹Ž˜‡”‡ƒ‘ơ‡‡ Company, Slide Ridge, Smith's Garden, Snap Daddys, Snowy Mountain Sheep Creamery, Solstice Spices, Some Dude's, South Meadow Produce, Southwest SalsaLLC, Spanish Valley Vineyards & Winery, Squatters, Stefano's Gelato, Stone Meats Inc, Storey Food, SugarBear Kettlekorn, Roasted Nuts & Chainsaw Carvings, Sugared Caramel Candy, Summit Ice SLC, Sweet Pop'n Cafe, T Ƭ&#0d; ‘‘†•ǡƒơ›‘™ǡ Tagge's Famous Fruit, Tarahumara Chips, Tequenos Factory, The Queens' Tea, Thyme & Seasons Spice ‘’ƒ›ǡ ‹Ƥ‡ ranch, Tree Hugger Foods, Tri Balanced Foods, Tropical dreams Hawaiian creamery, Uintah Brewery, Urban Pioneer Foods, –ƒŠ‡‡ˆƒŽ‘ǡ–ƒŠŠ‹’•ǡ–ƒŠ‘ơ‡‡‘ƒ•–‡”•ǡ–ƒŠ ‘‘†‡‘•ǡ–ƒŠ ‘‘†‡”˜‹…‡•ǡ–ƒŠƒ–—”ƒŽ
‡ƒ–ǡ–ƒŠ ”—ƫ‡•ǡ VIDA Tequila, Virgin Veggies, Vosen's Bread Paradise, Walt's Tasty Flavor Marinade, LLC, Wasatch Brewery, Wasatch Meats, Inc., Watermart, Western Nut, Wheat Free Nutrition, White Lake Farms, Wild bills Gourmet Seasonings, Wild Coyote Foods, Wild Grains Bakery, Wilkerson Farm, Yee-Haw Pickle Company, Your State of Chocolate. 2014 ColorMyPlate Food is an Art: Embrace It.

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