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son, Lynn Perry’s nephew and the owner of Eva’s Bakery, says the bakery experiments pg with whatever grains and flours Central Milling g throws at them. He and his head baker, Ryan Moore (who trained for years with Keith Giusto) have been experimenting recently with sprouted, ground multi-grains that could soon be available at area Costco stores. Moore and his team of bakers bake bread according to formulas designed by Keith Giusto and his son Nicky at Central Milling’s bakery lab. Moore agrees with Bill Oblock: “Bread is all about the flour. It’s everything,” “Bread is almost all flour and water, and I want to know where it all comes from,” Moore said. “It’s like knowing where your grass-fed beef comes from and how the cattle were raised. Wheat and flour are kind of the last things people think to ask about when they think about where their food comes from, but the more we all know about where it all comes from and how it’s raised – well, then the bet-ter everything’ll be.” Much like knowing that the trout on my dinner plate came from a nearby pond, knowing the provenance and history of the 50-pounds of Central Milling flour sitting in a plump bag on my kitchen floor engenders a different relationship between me and my finished bread loaves. Knowing that it was recently milled at a nearby granary, I’m confident it will produce fluffy, flavorful, golden-brown loaves. And it does. And my baking wounds are healed. 7 Above Left: Jeff daniels, director of quality control and operations in the flour testing lab. Above: Jeff 's daughter Brailey helps ensure that the finished product is uncontaminated and meets the high standards of the nations' best bakers every time. Below: Much of the equipment still in use at the Logan mill dates to the 19th century such as these separators which refine coarse flour coming directly from the milling machine. To find Central Milling flour is buy Whole Foods’ 365 Organic. Eva’s Bakery sells two-pound bags of the flour at the Downtown Farmers Market and Winter Market. If 50 pounds sound reason-able to you then you can pick up a bag directly from the mill.

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