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International Women' s Friendship Month

2017-06-16 07:22:01

Think about your favorite childhood memories, those from college and special times from the last few weeks. Who was there sharing in those experiences? Most likely, your most cherished memories include the special women in your life. Female friendships are beneficial for many reasons: They lower stress levels, provide comfort in times of need and, most importantly, bring happiness to our lives. Those unscripted moments of pure joy make life meaningful. September is the month to recognize our female friends! Celebrate International Women's Friendship Month by watching the Confidence Coalition's #FriendshipUnscripted video series on social media. Throughout September, laugh, smile and fall in love with these stories of precious friendships of women and girls of all ages. Enter the contest we want to hear about your #friendshipunscripted! Beginning sept.1, post a short video on social media featuring you and your friend sharing how your friendship is important. we're looking for those unscripted exchanges that show your unique, fun and authentic connection. Be sure to use the hashtag #friendshipunscripted for your chance to win a great prize. For more information about this contest, visit

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