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Academic Success

2017-06-19 08:54:10

preparing for successful careers COMPILED BYSHAUNA PRENTICE, MEMBER DEVELOPMENT AND EDUCATION MANAGER During their time in the collegiate chapter, Kappa Delta members focus on their major areas of study, complete internships and prepare to enter the workforce or graduate school. KD chapters support members' career development in a number of ways, including hosting networking events with local alumnae, facilitating resume-building workshops and recognizing members for their academic achievement. Success in the classroom is the first step toward a successful career, and Kappa Deltas continue to make great strides through their efforts. For the fall 2016 semester, 128 chapters were above a 3.0 GPA with 140 chapters reporting. Of these, 82 chapters were above the all-women's average, while 100 chapters were above both the all-women's average and the all-sorority average. Twenty-eight chapters ranked first in GPA out of all National Panhellenic Conference groups on their campuses. Fifty-eight chapters increased their GPA from the spring 2016 semester to the fall 2016 semester, and of these, 11 increased their GPA .10 or more. GPAs 3.5 OR HIGHER Alpha Chi-Louisiana Tech* Alpha Psi-Drury Beta Alpha-Virginia Beta Lambda-Georgetown Beta Tau-Vanderbilt* Epsilon Tau-Clemson Eta Chi-Elon* Eta Iota-Pace Eta Theta-Villanova Gamma Epsilon-Florida Southern* Gamma Tau-Ripon* Lambda-Northwestern* Omega Chi-Cornell Sigma Epsilon-Texas Sigma Kappa-Ohio State Sigma Omicron-Illinois Theta Beta-Washington/ St. Louis* Xi-Pittsburgh* ** Zeta Omicron-Wake Forest *Ranked first in GPA out of all NPC groups on campus **Improved GPA 0.10 or more over previous semester Thank you to all who support the Kappa Delta Foundation, which provides members with educational scholarships and internship opportunities to help them reach their career goals. GPAs 3*4-3.49 Alpha Alpha-Michigan State** Alpha Delta-Rhodes Alpha Pi-William & Mary* Alpha Rho-Maryland Alpha Xi-Louisville** Beta Chi-North Carolina* Beta Pi-Florida Beta Mu-Bowling Green State Beta Upsilon- Susquehanna** Beta Zeta-South Carolina Delta Omega-Mississippi State Delta Tau-Morehead State* ** Epsilon Epsilon- Appalachian State* Epsilon Iota-Missouri Epsilon Omega-Kentucky Eta Beta-Bradley* Eta Kappa-Northeastern Eta Phi-Boston* Eta Rho-Wilmington Gamma Gamma-High Point* ** Gamma Nu-Miami Sigma Iota-Washington Sigma Mu-George Washington Sigma Phi-Georgia Sigma Upsilon-Indiana Theta Alpha-Quinnipiac Theta Delta-Dayton Theta Mu-Richmond Theta Zeta-Lehigh Zeta-Alabama Zeta Iota-Saint Louis Zeta Mu-Towson* Zeta Pi-Furman Zeta Rho-San Diego** Zeta Theta-New Jersey Zeta Upsilon-Stephens Zeta Xi-Rollins GPAs 3.3-3.39 Alpha-Longwood* ** Alpha Mu-Mississippi Alpha Phi-Westminster Beta Nu-Toledo Delta Beta-Eastern Illinois* Epsilon-Louisiana State Epsilon Gamma-North Georgia Epsilon Sigma-Wofford Eta Lambda-Franklin & Marshall* Eta Mu-Georgia College and State Gamma Chi-Lenoir-Rhyne Gamma Delta-East Tennessee State* Gamma Kappa-Louisiana/ Lafayette* Gamma Xi-Kentucky Wesleyan* ** Kappa Alpha-Florida State Mu-Millsaps Sigma Lambda-Auburn Sigma Pi-Albion Theta Iota-North Dakota** Theta Omicron-West Chester Zeta Gamma-Arkansas Zeta Omega-Memphis GPAs 3.2-3.29 Alpha Epsilon- Tennessee/Knoxville Alpha Omicron-Queens/ Charlotte Alpha Theta-Vermont Beta Epsilon-Tulsa Beta Sigma-Southern Mississippi Beta Theta-Pennsylvania State Delta Eta-South Florida Delta Psi-West Georgia Eta Eta-Northern Kentucky* Eta Gamma-John Carroll Eta Nu-Sacred Heart Eta Tau-Florida Gulf Coast Pi-Nebraska Sigma Gamma-Kansas State Sigma Psi-North Dakota State* Sigma Sigma-Iowa State** Theta Theta-Rhode Island* Zeta Epsilon-Kansas Zeta Nu-Lynchburg Zeta Psi-Valparaiso Zeta Sigma-Charleston GPAs 3.1-3.19 Alpha Lambda-Oregon Beta Delta-Utah State Delta Iota-Murray State Delta Upsilon-Tennessee Tech Delta Zeta-Louisiana/ Monroe* Eta Psi-Charlotte Eta Zeta-North Florida Gamma Psi-Delta State* Omega Xi-Cincinnati Omicron-Illinois Wesleyan Theta Kappa-Northern Arizona Theta Lambda-Marquette Theta Nu-Purdue Zeta Chi-Idaho Zeta Kappa-Ball State GPAs 3.O-3.O9 Alpha Kappa-Oregon State Alpha Sigma-New Hampshire Beta Psi-Arizona State Delta Sigma-South Alabama Epsilon Alpha-Missouri S&T Epsilon Lambda- Alabama/Huntsville Eta Delta-Wright State Eta Omega-Kennesaw State Gamma Omicron-Wayne State Gamma Upsilon-Texas A&M/ Commerce

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