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Karen Thomas Fesmire, National Vice President-Membership 2017-04-13 01:55:21

Contact Karen at for any additional questions. Your recruitment questions answered WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF RECRUITMENT? The purpose of recruitment is to add to our sisterhood new members who will be active collegiate members and engaged alumnae for a lifetime. WHOSE JOB IS IT TO RECRUIT NEW MEMBERS ? It is the joy and responsibility of all Kappa Delta members to recruit and represent our sorority each and every day in our communities and on campus so that those who see us will see Kappa Delta and the values of honor, beauty and truth that we hold so dear. WHAT DOES A POTENTIAL NEW MEMBER (PNM) NEED TO BE SUCCESSFUL IN RECRUITMENT? • An open mind! • Good grades, service to others and leadership skills, which are highly valued by every chapter • A genuine interest in sorority membership IS A RECOMMENDATION NECES SARY? While recommendations are not required by any of our collegiate chapters, they are encouraged so that a chapter may get to know potential new members before recruitment. A recommendation is best written by an alumna who knows the PNM personally. This is an opportunity for members to ascertain the compatibility of a PNM with the chapter in terms of leadership, scholarship and service to others. Send all recommendations as early as possible. There is no particular number of recommendations that is preferable. Letters of support are not needed. It is best for a legacy to have a recommendation written by an alumna. ARE GRADES IMPORTANT? YES. Each chapter has a grade requirement as specified in its chapter bylaws. PNMs are released if grades do not meet this minimum standard. Grade requirements apply to legacies as well. ARE THERE ANY RECRUITMENT DON' TS ? Collegiate and alumnae members may not promise any PNM a bid, even a legacy. Each college Panhellenic has rules that apply to both collegiate members and alumnae. If you are unsure, please ask a collegiate member from that particular chapter. IS MONEY IMPORTANT? Membership in any organization consists of a monetary obligation. Sorority membership is no different. There are fees for being a new member and Initiation. There are dues and other assessments for special events, social events, T-shirts and pictures. There are facility fees and often fees for food. Local campus Panhellenics encourage conversations regarding the monetary obligations of sorority membership. WHAT IS THE TIME COMMITMENT TO BE A SORORITY MEMBER? All memberships require commitment of a member's time for meetings and other chapter-required events, plus all of the optional opportunities. WHAT ABOUT HOUSING? Not all Kappa Delta chapters have housing. Of those that do offer housing, some require members to live in the house for a period of time. The PNM should ask about housing during recruitment. WHAT ARE THE POLICIES RELATED TO BEING A LEGACY? • A legacy has a mother, sister or grandmother who is a Kappa Delta. Step relations of these are considered legacies. • A chapter must have confirmation of legacy status through a legacy introduction form or a recommendation. • All legacies with paperwork – a legacy introduction form or a recommendation confirming legacy status – are invited to at least one invitational event during primary recruitment if at all possible. Chapters at schools with only three rounds may release a legacy after one round. • If a legacy is to be released, she is released early in the process to maximize her other membership opportunities. • Often there are more legacy PNMs than spaces available for membership. • The collegiate membership director must grant permission for a legacy to be released if requested by the chapter. • If a legacy accepts an invitation to a KA Preference event, she will be placed at the top of the bid list. MAY A PNM PARTICIPATE IN RECRUITMENT AFTER HER FRESHMAN YEAR? Upperclassmen may participate in recruitment at any time. Many colleges and universities have a special upper class or secondary quota providing additional opportunity for membership. Please check with the campus Panhellenic. HOW DOES TRANSFER MEMBERSHIP WORK? If a collegian is initiated into Kappa Delta at one college or university and transfers to another school, the second school will take a chapter vote on affiliation. There are no guarantees. If unaffiliated, this member takes alumnae status. ONE LAST WORD: Recruitment is not an end; it is a beginning. The real work begins as we provide for our new members the opportunities of sisterhood for a lifetime. COLLEGIATE CHAPTER LISTING Chapter addresses for mailing recommendations can be found ALABAMA Auburn University, Sigma Lambda Birmingham-Southern College, Alpha Upsilon Troy University, Delta Delta University of Alabama, Zeta University of Alabama/ Birmingham, Theta Pi, to be established fall 2017 University of Alabama/ Huntsville, Epsilon Lambda University of South Alabama, Delta Sigma ARIZONA Arizona State University, Beta Psi Northern Arizona University, Theta Kappa ARKANSAS University of Arkansas, Zeta Gamma University of Arkansas/Little Rock, Eta Sigma CALIFORNIA California State Polytechnic University/Pomona, Epsilon Upsilon California State University/ San Bernardino, Zeta Zeta San Diego State University, Beta Rho San Jose State University, Gamma Iota University of California/Los Angeles, Alpha Iota University of San Diego, Zeta Rho COLORADO Colorado State University, Phi Epsilon CONNECTICUT Quinnipiac University, Theta Alpha Sacred Heart University, Eta Nu DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA George Washington University, Sigma Mu FLORIDA Florida Gulf Coast University, Eta Tau Florida Southern College, Gamma Epsilon Florida State University, Kappa Alpha Rollins College, Zeta Xi University of Central Florida, Epsilon Omicron University of Florida, Beta Pi University of North Florida, Eta Zeta University of South Florida, Delta Eta University of West Florida, Theta Epsilon GEORGIA Georgia College & State University, Eta Mu Georgia Southern University, Delta Lambda Georgia Southwestern State University, Delta Phi Kennesaw State University, Eta Omega LaGrange College, Delta Chi University of Georgia, Sigma Phi University of North Georgia, Epsilon Gamma University of West Georgia, Delta Psi Valdosta State University, Gamma Mu idaho University of Idaho, Zeta Chi Illinois Bradley University, Eta Beta Eastern Illinois University, Delta Beta Illinois Wesleyan University, Omicron Northwestern University, Lambda University of Illinois, Sigma Omicron Indiana Ball State University, Zeta Kappa Indiana University, Sigma Upsilon Purdue University, Theta Nu Valparaiso University, Zeta Psi iowa Iowa State University, Sigma Sigma Kansas Kansas State University, Sigma Gamma University of Kansas, Zeta Epsilon kentucky Centre College, Iota Eastern Kentucky University, Delta Omicron Georgetown College, Beta Lambda Kentucky Wesleyan College, Gamma Xi Morehead State University, Delta Tau Murray State University, Delta Iota Northern Kentucky University, Eta Eta University of Kentucky, Epsilon Omega University of Louisville, Alpha Xi Western Kentucky University, Delta Gamma Louisiana Louisiana State University, Epsilon Louisiana Tech University, Alpha Chi University of Louisiana/ Lafayette, Gamma Kappa University of Louisiana/ Monroe, Delta Zeta Maryland Towson University, Zeta Mu University of Maryland, Alpha Rho Massachusetts Boston University, Eta Phi Northeastern University, Eta Kappa Michigan Albion College, Sigma Pi Michigan State University, Alpha Alpha Wayne State University, Gamma Omicron Mississippi Delta State University, Gamma Psi Millsaps College, Mu Mississippi State University, Delta Omega University of Mississippi, Alpha Mu University of Southern Mississippi, Beta Sigma Missouri Drury University, Alpha Psi Missouri University of Science & Technology, Epsilon Alpha Saint Louis University, Zeta Iota Stephens College, Zeta Upsilon University of Missouri, Epsilon Iota Washington University in St. Louis, Theta Beta Nebraska University of Nebraska, Pi new hampshire Dartmouth College, Eta Xi University of New Hampshire, Alpha Sigma new jersey The College of New Jersey, Zeta Theta new york Cornell University, Omega Chi Pace University, Eta Iota University of Rochester, Epsilon Rho north carolina Appalachian State University, Epsilon Epsilon East Carolina University, Gamma Sigma Elon University, Eta Chi High Point University, Gamma Gamma Lenoir-Rhyne College, Gamma Chi North Carolina State University, Eta Upsilon Queens University of Charlotte, Alpha Omicron University of North Carolina/ Chapel Hill, Beta Chi University of North Carolina/ Charlotte, Eta Psi University of North Carolina/ Pembroke, Epsilon Zeta University of North Carolina/ Wilmington, Theta Xi Wake Forest University, Zeta Omicron north Dakota North Dakota State University, Sigma Psi University of North Dakota, Theta Iota ohio Bowling Green State University, Beta Mu John Carroll University, Eta Gamma Miami University of Ohio, Gamma Nu Ohio State University, Sigma Kappa University of Cincinnati, Omega Xi University of Dayton, Theta Delta University of Toledo, Beta Nu Wilmington College of Ohio, Eta Rho Wittenberg University, Alpha Nu Wright State University, Eta Delta oklahoma University of Tulsa, Beta Epsilon Oklahoma State University, Nu oregon Oregon State University, Alpha Kappa University of Oregon, Alpha Lambda pennsylvania Franklin & Marshall College, Eta Lambda Lehigh University, Theta Zeta Pennsylvania State University, Beta Theta Susquehanna University, Beta Upsilon University of Pittsburgh, Xi Villanova University, Eta Theta West Chester University, Theta Omicron Westminster College, Alpha Phi rhode island Brown University, Theta Gamma University of Rhode Island, Theta Theta south carolina Clemson University, Epsilon Tau College of Charleston, Zeta Sigma Francis Marion University, Epsilon Psi Furman University, Zeta Pi Newberry College, Delta Mu University of South Carolina, Beta Zeta Wofford College, Epsilon Sigma Tennessee East Tennessee State University, Gamma Delta Middle Tennessee State University, Delta Pi Rhodes College, Alpha Delta Tennessee Tech University, Delta Upsilon Union University, Zeta Beta University of Memphis, Zeta Omega University of the South/ Sewanee, Eta Epsilon University of Tennessee/ Chattanooga, Beta Kappa University of Tennessee/ Knoxville, Alpha Epsilon Vanderbilt University, Beta Tau texas Texas A&M University/ College Station, Eta Alpha Texas A&M University/ Commerce, Gamma Upsilon Texas Tech University, Zeta Alpha University of North Texas, Gamma Beta University of Texas, Sigma Epsilon utah Utah State University, Beta Delta vermont University of Vermont, Alpha Theta virginia College of William & Mary, Alpha Pi George Mason University, Theta Rho, to be established fall 2017 Longwood University, Alpha Lynchburg College, Zeta Nu Old Dominion University, Theta Eta University of Richmond, Theta Mu University of Virginia, Beta Alpha Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Epsilon Pi Washington University of Washington, Sigma Iota Washington State University, Sigma Tau Wisconsin Beloit College, Upsilon Marquette University, Theta Lambda Ripon College, Gamma Tau

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