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Go Confidently

Kim Lewis, Senior Project Manager


How do you build confidence and inspire action in others?

Take this quiz to discover your confidence characteristic!


You are outgoing, energetic and sociable. Others are drawn to your entertaining personality. You have never met a stranger and enjoy putting others in the spotlight.

BUILD CONFIDENCE. You are generous, yet genuine, in giving compliments. You strive to make everyone feel like they can do anything. You give praise when it is deserved and like to publicly showcase others’ accomplishments.

INSPIRE ACTION. You are the cheerleader for your friends. You encourage others to step out of their comfort zone and dare to dream big.


You are relatable, trustworthy and approachable. Others confide in you and in turn, you thrive off of healthy relationships that are beneficial for both people.

BUILD CONFIDENCE. By creating strong connections with others, you are aware of other’s strengths and aim to bring out those characteristics in them. You participate in activities with others that strengthen your relationship and confidence individually.

INSPIRE ACTION: You use mutual support to inspire others to reach their full potential. You remind others how much they have greatly impacted your life and in turn, you strive to impact their lives.


You are calm, observant and harmonious. You have the ability to notice and target areas where others need the biggest boost of confidence. You take pride in seeing others flourish.

BUILD CONFIDENCE. You build confidence in others with simple acts of kindness. Whether through a positive note on a co-worker’s desk or a text message of encouragement, you always make others feel important.

INSPIRE ACTION. You set an example without being boastful or obvious in your actions. When others watch you, they desire to emulate your natural confidence.

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