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Academic Success

Academic Success From Coast To Coast

Compiled By Shauna Prentice, Member Development And Education Manager

From California to Florida and everywhere in between, Kappa Delta collegians are working hard to succeed in the place that matters most: the classroom. Members balance their academics with jobs, chapter activities, university involvement, internships, study abroad and so much more, and still succeed in making grades a priority. Their effort, combined with chapter programming and support, is paying off.

For the spring 2016 semester, 103 chapters were above a 3.0 GPA with 110 chapters reporting. Of these, 82 chapters were above the all-women's average, while 63 chapters were above both the all-women's average and the all-sorority average. Eighteen chapters ranked first in GPA out of all National Panhellenic Conference groups on their campuses. Sixty-three chapters increased their GPA from the fall 2015 semester to the spring 2016 semester, and of these, 11 increased theirGPA.100rm 0re.


Alpha Pi-William 8t Mary
Alpha Psi-Drury
Beta Alpha-Virginia
Beta Chi-North Carolina
Beta Zeta-South Carolina
Epsilon Tau-Clemson
Eta Chi-Elon
Eta Theta-Villanova
Gamma Epsilon-Florida Southern
Omega Chi-Cornell
Sigma Epsilon-Texas
Sigma Omicron-Illinois
Sigma Phi-Georgia
Theta Beta-Washington/St. Louis*
Zeta Iota-Saint Louis**

Ranked first in GPA out of all NPC groups on campus

** Improved GPA 0.10 or more over previous semester

Thank you to all who support Kappa Delta Foundation scholarships, which ease students' financial burden.

GPAs 3. 4 - 3.4 9

Alpha Chi-Louisiana Tech
Alpha Upsilon-Birmingham-Southern
Beta Mu-Bowling Green State
Beta Pi-Florida
Delta Gamma-Western Kentucky
Delta Omega-Mississippi State
Epsilon Omega-Kentucky
Epsilon-Louisiana State
Eta Iota-Pace
Eta Kappa-Northeastern
Gamma Nu-Miami/Ohio
Gamma Tau-Ripon
Nu-Oklahoma State
Sigma Iota-Washington
Sigma Kappa-Ohio State
Theta Alpha-Quinnipiac
Zeta Omicron-Wake Forest
Zeta Pi-Furman
Zeta Tau-Washington & Lee
Zeta Theta-New Jersey
Zeta Xi-Rollins

GPAs 3.3-3.39

Alpha Delta-Rhodes
Alpha Epsilon-Tennessee/Knoxville
Alpha Mu-Mississippi
Alpha Nu-Wittenberg
Beta Sigma-Southern Mississippi
Beta Theta-Pennsylvania State
Beta Upsilon-Susquehanna
Delta Mu-Newberry
Epsilon Epsilon-Appalachian State
Epsilon Iota-Missouri
Epsilon Omicron-Central Florida
Eta Alpha-Texas A&M/College Station
Eta Delta-Wright State
Eta Gamma-John Carroll
Eta Mu-Georgia College & State*
Eta Nu-Sacred Heart
Eta Upsilon-North Carolina State**
Kappa Alpha-Florida State
Sigma Gamma-Kansas State
Sigma Lambda-Auburn
Sigma Pi-Albion
Sigma Tau-Washington State
Sigma Upsilon-Indiana
Theta Delta-Dayton
Zeta Epsilon-Kansas
Zeta Gamma-Arkansas
Zeta Mu-Towson
Zeta Psi-Valparaiso

GPAs 3.2-3.29

Alpha Alpha-Michigan State
Alpha Omicron-Queens/Charlotte
Alpha Phi-Westminster
Alpha Theta-Vermont
Beta Epsilon-Tulsa
Beta Rho-San Diego State
Delta Beta-Eastern Illinois
Delta Lambda-Georgia Southern
Delta Omicron-Eastern Kentucky
Delta Zeta-Louisiana/Monroe
Eta Eta-Northern Kentucky
Gamma Gamma-High Point
Gamma Xi-Kentucky Wesleyan
Sigma Psi-North Dakota State
Theta Iota-North Dakota
Zeta Alpha-Texas Tech
Zeta Nu-Lynchburg
Zeta Rho-San Diego

GPAs 3.1-3.19

Alpha Kappa-Oregon State*
Beta Delta-Utah State
Delta Psi-West Georgia
Gamma Omicron-Wayne State
Gamma Psi-Delta State
Omicron-Illinois Wesleyan
Sigma Sigma-Iowa State
Theta Nu-Purdue
Zeta Chi-Idaho

GPAs 3.O-3.O9

Alpha Sigma-New Hampshire
Beta Psi-Arizona State
Delta Iota-Murray State
Gamma Beta-North Texas
Gamma Upsilon-Texas A&M/Commerce
Theta Epsilon-West Florida***
Theta Eta-Old Dominion

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