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Fall 2012 Power OF Health AND Diplomacy THE Special Feature, Health in the Middle East Women’s Health Key to National Prosperity B Y N ORWEGIAN M INISTER OF F OREIGN A FFAIRS J ONAS G AHR S TØRE B Y P RESIDENT OF L IBERIA , H.E. E LLEN J OHNSON S IRLEAF AND THE P RESIDENT OF M ALAWI , H.E. J OYCE B ANDA B Y T HE S ECRETARY OF Innovating Towards a Malaria-Free Africa America’s Next Steps in Global Health Diplomacy S TATE OF THE U NITED S TATES , H ILLARY R ODHAM C LINTON P LUS , FEATURES PENNED B Y P RESIDENTS , H EALTH M INISTERS & G LOBAL H EALTH L EADERS

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